Man tried to sell wife for her beauty & men gazing at her, buyer turned out to be cop posing as pimp…Read more

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The Hush Post:  In a bizarre case, a man wanted to sell his beautiful wife because he thought people used to ogle her often enough and he couldn’t stand it and neither was it possible for him to protect her.

It was for her beauty, Saddam, 32, had married Samira, 28, four years ago in Araria, Bihar. When men would gaze at her, Saddam instead of taking on the men would scold his wife instead. They would often quarrel about it. Samira was his second wife and Saddam would also live once a week with his first wife.

But now he had other plans – plan to sell Samira. He made arrangements and thought of taking her wife to Delhi.

The two were in a train from Bihar their home state to Delhi. Samira had been brought to Delhi by Saddam, telling that they were going to meet her family. She was excited about the prospects of meeting them. Saddam had other plans. He wanted to either sell her to a pimp so that he took her to a brothel or if that did not materialise, he would kill her. But only, in this case, the pimp was a Delhi Police cop, Sunil Kumar.

Saddam wanted to sell his wife for Rs 1.5 lakh but settled for Rs 30,000 less.

The train was to reach Delhi and at 8:00 pm he would hand over his wife to the ‘pimp’ and take away Rs 1.5 lakh. The police team was ready but Saddam on meeting them said he needed an advance of Rs 10,000 as surety. He did get that. And subsequently, he brought his wife and was immediately arrested by Sunil Kumar, the SHO of Kamla Nagar. Samira was shocked to see the events unfold the way they did.

Now Saddam is in police custody while his wife is being counselled.

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