Woman applies fevikwik glue on son’s lips so that he stops crying

lips sealed with glue

The Hush Post| 9:51 am |one-minute-read |

In a bizarre act, a woman from Chhapra in Bihar allegedly applied glue (Feviquick) on the lips of her son on Saturday. Reason: She thought that he was crying incessantly and in order to ensure he doesn’t, she applied the glue.

“After some work, when I came back home I found him quiet. The froth was coming out of his mouth,” said the child’s father.

“When I asked the wife, Shobha, about him, she told me that he was crying all the time. So, she put glue on his lips so that he does not cry,” he said.

Subsequently, the child who was too small to breathe through his nose was admitted to a hospital and is reported to be out of danger now.

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