Five trampled to death by wild elephant separated from its herd

elephant tramples

The Hush Post| 11:45 am |two-minute-read

Five people were trampled to death by a wild elephant which was separated from its herd, according to the Raghopur police station. It rampaged through several villages in Supaul district, Bihar.

The first to be killed was Yogeshwar, a resident of Chhint-Motipur. He was trampled to death when he was out to irrigate his crops on Wednesday evening.
The second incident occurred in Jahalipatti village, where the elephant trampled a 55-year-old lady, Chania Devi, killing her.
Ranjit Shah of Koriapatti village was also killed by the same elephant and on that very day. Mohammad Jabbar of Dharmpatti was also injured by the elephant and was admitted to a hospital in Darbhanga where he succumbed to his injuries. Shyam Lal Kamat of Chowhatta was also crushed to death by the giant animal. This happened a day later on Thursday morning.
The elephant also managed to damage several houses, huts and agricultural land in Birpur, Karjain and Pipra areas.

After wreaking havoc for nearly ten hours the elephant was chased away by police, forest guards and villagers and pushed back to Ratanpura in Nepal.
Supaul’s district magistrate, Mahendra Kumar said, that forest and administration officials handed over compensation cheques of Rs 5 lakh each to the victims’ families.

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