Sleeping pills in the name of deworming tabs given to Bihar shelter home girls & then raped

The Hush Post: Some gory details have come out of the investigation into the rape of young girls, some as small as 7-yr-old, in a Muzzafarpur girls’ shelter home in Bihar where more than 30 girls were tortured and sexually abused over a period of 4 years.

The main accused, Brajesh Thakur, who smiled away to glory after being arrested by the police.

The young girls were given sleeping pills in the name of de-worming tablets and raped at night and they would complain of pain in the private parts.

Boiling hot water would be thrown at them if they refused. Women caretakers would abuse them and one of the woman employees ‘Kiran aunty’ even sexually abused the small girls.

A pregnant girl was severely beaten up which led to abortion of the foetus. Almost all girls, except a few, had faced rape. The youngest to be raped at the home was a seven-year-old speech-impaired child.

These details came to light after an audit by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, which was roped in by the police to dig into the matter, was conducted and the report was submitted earlier this month.

The kingpin of the racket, 50-year-old Brajesh Thakur, who has been arrested about 3 days back, was seen smiling when he was held by the police. He is a politically-connected owner of the shelter home who runs a local daily ‘Pratah Kamal’ having press accreditation from the Press Information Bureau. He runs several non-profit organisations and is a member of the Bihar assembly press committee. People know him as a person who has bribed his way to profit and privileges through contacts in power circles in the state. Insiders say his father had also been arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigations in connection with selling newsprint quota in the 90s.

rapes in bihar shelter home
Harpreet Kaur, SSP, Muzzafarpur, who has been heading the case investigations which has led to the hapless girls being rescued from the so-called shelter home

The police said 11 women were found to have disappeared from another shelter home which was run by Brajesh Thakur. Nine others have been charged in the FIR including staff of the shelter home and a woman referred to by the girls as ‘Kiran aunty’. Police investigations clearly point out at a web of politicians, administrative officials, police and criminals exploiting and torturing the girls at the shelter home.

Harpreet Kaur, SSP, Muzzafarpur, has been heading the case investigations which has led to the hapless girls being rescued from the so-called shelter home. Police action was taken after the statement of a rape survivor of the shelter home in front of the magistrate that one of the victims was so badly beaten up that she died and was buried within the premises of the shelter home by the office-bearers.

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