‘Dead man’ returns home on the day family was observing tervi rituals

Father of Sanjeev, who was presumed dead

The Hush Post | 3:45 pm | One-minute read

A 49-year-old man in Bihar, who was presumed dead by his family, returned home when his family was observing the 13th-day rituals.

According to the reports, Sanjeev Kumar, who hailed from Muzaffarpur, went missing on August 25. His family filed a missing complaint with the police. After a few days, the police found an unidentified dead body at Gandak River in Muzaffarpur. After the post-mortem, Sanjeev’s father Ram Sevak Thakur claimed that the body was of his son. The family then cremated the body and when they were observing the 13th-day rituals, they found that Sanjeev was still alive as he came back home.

Ram Sevak Thakur reportedly told ANI, “On August 25, he went missing when then we filed the report in the police. Later, we got to know about the body. We claimed the body as our son. We brought the body with us and cremated it. We are happy now that our son is back.”

Notably, Sanjeev is a mentally retarded man but no one expected life to take such a turn that first he will go missing, and people will look for him, and then presume him to be dead only to find him walk back to the house.

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