Man beats up wife and wanted to divorce her for dog

Patna dog reason for divorce

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There was a bizarre complaint at women’s police station at Gandhi Maidan in Patna. A woman came with a complaint that she was beaten up by her husband when she asked him to leave his dog as it bit her thrice. However, the husband refused to accede to her demand and instead started beating the wife. He even went to the extent of divorcing her for the sake of dog.

A few days after the complaint, the husband was summoned by police for counselling. The couple reached a compromise. He gave an undertaking that he would neither beat her up nor harass her.

“It was just a ridiculous case for us that a husband was ready to leave his wife for his dog. He said, “If she wants to leave, I do not have any problem,” a police officer said quoting the husband.

“My husband use to beat me up when I asked him to get rid of the dog. I also complained that he did not get my medical checkup done properly. He prevents me from going to the market,” the complaint added.

SHO of women’s police station Smita Sinha, who was out of Patna for some days, said, “I am not aware of such an incident as I was not in the city for the last few days. I will have to check it properly.”

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