Visually impaired girl raped, later identifies culprit with voice

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The Hush Post: In a rare case, when all else failed, a rape victim who was visually impaired identified the culprit, who raped her with his voice. A 20-year-old visually-impaired girl was allegedly raped at central Delhi’s Desh Bandhu Gupta Road.

On May 4, when the victim’s mother had gone to fetch water, two men forcibly took her from the one-room shanty to an unoccupied place in the neighbourhood and allegedly assaulted her. A third man joined them soon.
“While two of them left, a third man came and asked her to accompany him. She refused to go but he forcibly took her to an adjacent shanty where he gagged her mouth when she shouted for help and raped her,” the police said.
An arrest has been made of a man in his mid-40s the police said while search is on for the remaining two.

After conducting the medical examination, the girl has been sent to a local NGO for counselling. The victim had lost her sight in an accident, the police said.


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