“Boycott of Deepika’s film acceptance that you unleashed terror on JNU campus,” Kanhaiya Kumar

kanhaiya kumar Deepia Padukone
The Hush Post| 6:12 pm |one-minute-read|
Kanhaiya Kumar in his speech has said that those who say that they will boycott Deepika Padukone’s film Chapaak is an acceptance of that the violence that happened in JNu was carried out by the right.
Otherwise, why would they say that they will not watch Deepika’s film. “What has she done? She came here folded hands and met students who were beaten. She didn’t utter  single word against or for anyone. If means that people from the right-wing came and attacked students here.”

Superstar Deepika Padukone was recently in Delhi. Apart from the promotions, Deepika took time out to be part of the demonstration carried out by students protesting against the violence on JNU Campus.
Many applauded her move. However, Twitterati went against her by trending #boycottchhapaak.

Though Deepika or the makers of the film have not sent out any official statement, Former JNU President Kanhaiya Kumar has addressed her visit. And in an interesting way.
In his recent video, we see Kanhaiya Kumar talking about Deepika visiting the campus. He said she was here just to meet the injured students. He said how it was un unfair to ban her film. Kanhaiya drew comparisons stating that Deepika is not the Vice-Chancellor of the University and that she did not make any statements for and against the Government. Watch the video below:


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