Brazilian MP trolled for ‘showing her cleavage’ in Parliament

The Hush Post | 7:52 pm | One-minute read

A Brazilian member of parliament has been trolled after she reached the Parliament in a low-cut dress. Ana Paula da Silva, from the southern state of Santa Catarina had come to the Parliament in a red jumpsuit with a deep neckline sparking fury on social media.

43-year-old Ana Paula had won an election to the Parliament from Santa Catarina. She had won by a margin of around 50 thousand votes, considered to be a very big victory in Brazil. Ana has also been a mayor formerly.

Ana Paula’s cleavage was clearly visible from the dress she had worn for the oath taking ceremony.  Ana has been threatened of rape by some of the trolls while some have labeled her the “representative of prostitutes”.

Online trolls took to the social media arguing that her choice of clothing was “inappropriate,” ”shocking” and “vulgar”. The trolls also included women.

And if that was not enough, a column in a leading daily was titled ‘Breasts of discord”.

Ana Paula Da Silva is a mother of two. Defending her choice she said, “This is my style.”

The 43-year-old politician revealed that she had gone shopping especially for her inauguration and thought the suit was the prettiest.

She also received some support from a fellow woman legislator who said, “I thought people were going to talk about [the] red [outfit], but they just focused on cleavage. Women have breasts and I have big breasts”.


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