Bride has ‘Christian name’; officials refuse to register marriage under Hindu Marriage Act

67 yr-old marries 24 yr old

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Had Christeena been Meena or Reena, her marriage with Deepak would have been duly registered. But it wasn’t meant to be so. Authorities in Kerela simply refused to register the couple’s marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act, just because the bride had a ‘Christian name’.

Deepak Raj and Christeena Empress in Srikrishna Temple in Guruvayur of Thrissur District on August 24. On Monday, when they approached Guruvayur municipality to register their marriage, the authorities refused to register it.

They submitted all documents including the certificates to prove the religion of their parents. But the officials found Christeena’s name ‘strange’ and did not register the marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act.

The couple even provided a declaration letter from municipal council member Abhilash V. Chandran, but too failed to persuade the officials. Christeena is the daughter of late journalist K Jayachandran and advocate Anandakanakam, who named their daughter after Christ, Krishna and Nabi.

Guruvayur Municipal Vice Chairman KP Vinod condemned the harrowing time that they had to go through during the period.


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