BSF launches drive to crackdown on corrupt officers

The Hush Post: Border Security Force (BSF) has initiated a new vigilance drive whereby it shall be identifying officers leading a `lavish’ lifestyle or who are members of costly clubs.

While the BSF has all along been conducting a confidential exercise of identifying officials with suspicious credentials or for indulging in corrupt practices, new parameters have now been added for creating the inglorious list of shady personnel for 2017.

As per reports the latest move has come in the backdrop of the arrest of a senior BSF Commanding Officer (CO) by the CBI for his alleged nexus with smugglers while on his posting along the Indo-Bangla border in West Bengal. He was arrested by the CBI with Rs 45 lakh in cash as soon as he got off a train in Kerala.

The new plan initiated by the force has asked all the field formations of the force — especially those on the two borders– to identify such officials and report back to the headquarters.

Any officer who leads a lavish lifestyle, throws lavish parties, has amassed assets disproportionate to his income or is found to be the member of a costly club will be named in the “agreed list” of suspect officers.

Another criteria which has not gone too well with serving officers states that any officer who meets people, with whom he or she has official dealings, at home or at a hotel will also be identified as one with doubtful credentials.

Terming some of the new criteria as ridiculous, serving officials state that: “Some of it looks ridiculous as a corrupt officer may cover his tracks cleverly rather than throwing lavish parties or taking the membership of a costly club.”

This vigilance plan adds that these red flags are “only indicative” and not exhaustive triggers to identify a suspect officer in the over 2.5-lakh personnel strong paramilitary force which guards the borders of the country.


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