300 hotels boycott makemytrip.com and goibibo.com; others to join soon

The Hush Post|10:32 am| 1-min-read

Representatives of hotel associations from Chandigarh, Bengaluru, Indore, Odisha and Gujarat have decided to boycott bookings made from two online portals. These two websites are makemytrip.com and goibibo.com.

300 hoteliers in Ahmedabad have already put the decision into practice from  December 1 onwards.

A meeting of the Hotels and Restaurants Association (HRA) was held at Ahmedabad in Gujarat a few days ago. The hoteliers alleged that indiscriminate discounts offered by these online portals had affected their business badly.

“These portals charge a commission of about 35 per cent from hoteliers on discounted rates,” Narendra Somani, president, HRA,  told The Times Of India .

From now on, the hotels would not entertain any booking made through  makemytrip.com and goibibo.com. “We have notified customers that we will not accept hotel booking vouchers provided by either of these portals,” Somani said.

“For those who have already made their bookings through these portals, we are offering them rooms at the same rate on the condition that they cancel the bookings made through MMT or goibibo,” he said.

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