Shamsher Chandel, The Hush Post: On the 40th anniversary of Reliance Industries Limited which is led by elder brother Mukesh Ambani, a mega event was hosted where the three children — Anant, Esha and Akash Ambani took to the stage and gave the world a glimpse of the company’s future and a badly-tried subtle glimpse of their own image seemingly a result of choreographed and well practiced speeches.

However, within moments of broadcast of this show as news, most of the media organisations took the story off air. Why? Let’s find out. But before that we will get you an analysis of what other bigger media houses shied away from: The speech analysis of the three next generation Ambanis on the 40th anniversary of Reliance Industries.

Anant Ambani began by saying in Hindi,”Doston mein apne papa ki tarah inspire to nahi kar sakta par aspire kar sakta hoon ki future mein inki tarah inspire kar sakoon. Aaj mein aapke saamne apne dil ki baat rakhna chahta hoon….”

To cut the long story short when Anant Ambani spoke his badly stitched narrative, seemingly a few of those in the crowd, who probably owe their livelihood to Reliance Industries directly or indirectly cheered for him. But the biggest cheerleader was Anant’s mother Nita Ambani. As the camera panned from an onstage Anant-on-the-onslaught to parents Mukesh and Nita, the nervousness was clearly visible on the face of the father while the mother fell victim to motherhood and seemed to like every bit of her son’s speech. Finally, Nita Ambani got up and clapped hard and incessant for her son even as the video showed everybody else putting their hands together very softly including Amitabh Bachchan, who sat next to Nita Ambani.

Anant was followed by Yale educated Esha Ambani, who was last seen on a social media platform introducing Shahrukh Khan to the Yale audiences a couple of years back. As Anant ended by uttering, “Reliance India ki Jaan hai, Reliance duniya ki zubaan hai, a better composed smiling Esha Ambani took the cue and corrected the course by lowering the tone and tenor.

She softly began repeating her younger brother’s line, “Reliance duniya ki zubaan hai….and among other things said, “Let’s take a pledge for a better India, for an inclusive India….” This was a girl talking about inclusive India, and who shared the least common ground with most Indians and was trying hard to find as much common ground with all of them, a reminder or probably a pilferage of theme from the Barrack Obama speech of his 2004 convention speech where he cleverly and successfully found the common ground.

As she moved closer to her elder brother Akash, it was a cue for him to take-off from where she left. And Akash began, “Our dreams will be bigger….Our dreams will be audacious,” the Obamaesque audacious. And there came a faux pas when Akash contradicted and lost the common ground Isha Ambani or her speech writer had tried hard to find for the 25-year-old girl.

He said what probably only his father was entitled to say. It was a directive to all the Reliance employees, to all those twice his age or may be more, and to all the employees from a peon to various vice-presidents of the group that, “Every Reliance employee will dream of a Reliance that is bigger than ever.” Did it mean, “Work 24×7, I am watching you?”

Just as the celebrations ended twitter was quick to make fun of the trio and their speeches. But what’s shocking is that the media which broadcast these stories quietly took them off air, after all they were just speeches not scams.

People on Twitter picked Anant’s speech and tore it apart. Popular culture websites like ScoopWhoop picked up the ‘trending story’. However, these ‘viral’ stories died just as quickly as they were birthed without offering an explanation.

As the news website reported, “It is not unheard of for individual media organisations around the world to rethink a particular story after publication and retract it – whether on factual grounds or after an editorial re-evaluation prompted by complaints of bad taste, offence caused or legal action – an across-the-board rethink is highly unusual.”


The car which was involved in the accident in 2013, allegedly being driven by Akash Ambani.

In 2013, an accident took place which was reported by the Hindustan Times without mentioning who the accused was. Later, the story was spiked, infact, completely removed.According to a report in,“The witnesses modified their original statements and the two car owners involved in the accident ended up with brand new cars.”

In 2013, an over-speeding Aston Martin Rapide, owned by Reliance Ports, met with an accident in Mumbai when it crashed into an Audi Saloon and a Toyota Corolla around midnight. At that time, the driver of the Aston Martin tried to flee, but the car jammed about 500 metres down. Within moments, there were security personnel around the car and they secretly took the driver into one of the waiting luxury vehicles and sped off, something which was conclusively proved in the CCTV footage.

Harotsh Singh Bal, the Political Editor of The Caravan said, “We have reported that five Indian news media companies like the NDTV, News Nation, India TV, News24 and Network18 are indebted to Mukesh Ambani or one of his associate, who is also on the board of Reliance’s new telecom venture, Reliance Jio.” Remember, Mukesh Ambani is the most powerful businessman in India and TV visuals of his appreciative-tap on the shoulder of none other than the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi conclusively proved a lot more of arm-twisting that he can do notwithstanding the broad smile he carried on his face.

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