Knocking down the popular myths about body shaving for girls

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Since a long time, we all refer to a single hair removal method that is waxing. Waxing is painful but mostly preferred by women. But, as with time, technology has updated itself, we need to update our hair removal methods as well.

Shaving, at the same time, is one of the most convenient mediums as it is trouble-free, economically efficient and independent. But ladies tend to have various myths when it comes to shaving. Here we are going to bust some of them:-

Hair grows thicker and harder

This is a myth. Razor cuts the hair down from the surface and doesn’t remove it from its roots. This is why it might initially feel that growth is harder. But the hair ultimately grows normally. There’s no change in the hair growth texture.

It enhances nicks and cuts

It is not true at all. It is just the additional pressure we put in or sometimes the dull old razor tends to be harsh on your skin. Therefore, change your cartridge as soon as possible.



Borrowing someone’s razor is OK

No! it is not at all okay to borrow someone’s razor as it may infect you. Certain germs or bacteria may affect your body. So it’s better to buy your own razor and cartridge.

It is OK to use soaps

You can use soaps or conditioners but the best way to shave is to use shaving cream. As it contains moisturizer which is required for easy shaving, it locks the moisturizer into the skin and also prepares the skin for shaving.

Waxing does not cause ingrown hair but shaving does

It is not true at all, both shavings and waxing cause ingrown hair. So it is not just waxing or razor, it is very natural while removing the hair.



Razors can be stored in a shower

One should not keep the razor kit in the shower as it might get wet and can increase the bacteria. While certainly, one can shave in the shower but post shaving one must keep it at some dry place.

Can we dry shave?

One can switch there shaving methods. If you want to try dry shaving, you can apply moisturizer on your body part. Otherwise, just to save time and dryness of the skin, one should try and avoid dry shaving. Also, to keep the moisturizer intact of our skin we should always use water for shaving.

Using deodorant after shaving is okay

Using deodorants after shaving can cause irritation. It depends on two factors, first the kind of deodorant and your skin type. One can use a natural deodorant but sometimes if your skin is sensitive you should avoid using deodorant after shaving.


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