Cash-strapped Pakistan to sell donkeys to generate revenues

The Hush Post | 7:19 pm | One-minute read

Reeling under cash-crunch, the Pakistan government is trying by all means to generate revenues. And, the Imran Khan government has now turned to donkeys to salvage it from the fiscal crisis. Pakistan will now sell its donkeys to improve its financial condition.

Pakistan has a large donkey population and ranks third in world. According to an estimate, that there are around 50 lakh donkeys in the country. The Islamic Republic will sell donkeys to its all-weather friend China.  Earlier this month, China had proposed a loan worth crores to the Pakistan government. It is in lieu of this loan that the Imran Khan government will send its donkeys to China.

China currently houses the largest population of donkeys. The demand for donkeys in China is on the rise because it is used in the manufacture of traditional Chinese medicine. The gelatin procured from the skin of donkey has medicinal properties. It helps improve the blood and immune system.

According to a Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa  official, Chinese companies have shown interest in investing in donkey farming in Pakistan. Media reports suggest that foreign companies might invest up to the tune of 21 thousand crore rupees.

Livestock department of Pakistan is developing special donke farms to increase their export. The government intends to export around 80 thousand donkeys in the first three years.


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