A new coming together of 2019: A dog hugging a cat video goes viral; WATCH


The Hush Post| 13:27 pm |one-minute-read

A heart-warming video has gone viral in which two pets, a cat and a dog have reversed the idiom – to fight like a cat and a dog. In the video shared by @jor_nicole4, the dog can be seen petting the cat. The cat in return hugs the dog.

With over 12 million views 1.2 million retweets, at the time of writing, this viral clip is a record of sorts.

Now the owner has revealed the names of the adorable pets. The cat is named Pumpkin and the dog is Maggi.

Now, seeing these two cuddling buddies, other users are sharing their dog-cat couple photos and videos and the thread is spreading smile online. While others can’t stop talking about how adorable they look.


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