CBSE Class 12 Economics retest on April 25; Class 10 Maths for Delhi, Haryana possibly in July

Class X Maths exam for Haryana and Delhi to be held in July but only if need be

The Hush Post: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced that the Class 12 Economics exam will be held on April 25.

CBSE announces dates
CBSE announces dates for class 12th Maths Economics exam.

The Class 10 Maths exam will be held in July only for Delhi and Haryana, and that too only if necessary.

Stating this Education secretary Anil Swarup said that initial investigations had revealed that the leak of the Class 10 Maths exam was restricted to only Delhi and Haryana and did not affect students of other states. “We will know for sure in a fortnight,’’ he added.

While announcing the date, Anil Swarup said that for Class 12 the re-examination date was extremely important as students had to apply in colleges and universities.

Approximately 2.2 million students were affected by the cancellation of the exams.

The police has already detained 6 students and a coaching centre owner for the alleged leaks.

He added that investigations were underway on two levels–police and departmental– “but authorities aren’t yet sure what went wrong.’’

Anil Swarup also ruled out holding of the exam in schools outside India. On being asked whether the exams could not have been stopped, he said that could not be done as the news about the leak of papers came in too late for any course of action to be taken.



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