This year 10,000 students were victims of totalling errors in Class 10 & 12 results of CBSE, are you one?

CBSE totalling errors

The Hush Post: In a major Faux pas, many students were failed by CBSE this year due to totalling errors. The totalling has been as bad as a difference of 64 marks in just one subject.

On May 26, a girl name-changed to Sujata failed the Class XII boards with 16 marks in English core. Now, the girl is on her way to college as verification of her result showed CBSE had erred in totalling her marks. She had scored 80 but was just given 16.

“Forget failing, I could not have scored anything less than 80,” Sujata said. “They didn’t add 64 marks, so all I got was 16, which has now become 80.”

Like last year, CBSE’s totalling errors are again a problem for thousands of Class X and Class XII students. Although board officials are quiet about it, reportedly more than 10,000 re-evaluation requests have come where there are huge errors in totalling.

A student from Mumbai who scored 80 per cent and had got just 50 in Mathematics, after verification, his marks shot up to 90. Another Delhi girl’s score more than doubled from 42 to 90.
Embarrassed by the totalling errors, the board had decided to assign two evaluators to each answer book this year, but the measure clearly didn’t work. Another Class XII student, scored only 44 marks in geography, but got 90 per cent and above in the other subjects. Verification showed 51 marks had not been added to his result, so his Geography score increased to 95.

Sumeet, who had failed in Social Science with 12 marks, now has 60 marks and is through to Class XI. Another student who had just passed in Chemistry with 44 marks, now has a score of 95, but the most shocking case is of a Class X student who scored zero in Urdu, only to pass with 37 marks after verifying for the second time. As per a newspaper report, CBSE is planning to collate it only after June 27.


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