Alimony of Rs 24,600 in Re 1 & 2 ‘chillars,’ divorced wife cries foul in Chandigarh


The Hush Post: Ever heard of alimony in coins that too Re 1 and Rs 2 denominations. At the District Court Complex in Chandigarh that is what happened yesterday.

A husband gave Rs 24,600 as alimony in Rs 1 and Rs 2 coins.

Irked, the woman shouted back at him saying that she was being harassed. She refused to count the money, and the case was subsequently adjourned for July 27.

The man is a practicing advocate at the Punjab and Haryana High Court. The case was heard at the District Court, where he handed over the coins as monthly maintenance to settle the divorce case.

The matrimonial discord reached the court in 2014 when the lawyer — the husband — filed a separation case.

After one year, he sought divorce. The court issued orders to give his divorced wife a monthly maintenance of Rs 25,000. But he allegedly did not abide by the court orders. His wife then, moved the High Court. The man was directed to give Rs 50,000 since he had not given her the promised amount for the past two months. He said, he had to borrow money from a friend and since they were all coins, he gave it in the same denomination.

The woman contended that her divorced husband was a high-profile lawyer and had a number of properties in his name and this was a way he had found to harass her.


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