Chandigarh HT journalist Prince Dhanta robbed off his car on his way home

Journalist robbed off his car

Just as Prince was about to reach home, three men in a pickup vehicle overtook his car and braked in front of him

The Hush Post: A journalist working with the Hindustan Times in Chandigarh was robbed off his car near TDI City in Kharar in the wee hours of Friday. The incident took place at around 1: 40 am on Kharar-Aiport Road.

Prince Mohan Dhanta, works as an assistant news editor with The Hindustan Times in Chandigarh. He was returning from work when the miscreants looted his Swift Dzire, just 100-metres from his house.

Just as Prince Dhanta was about to reach his home at Motia Royal Fame, three men in a pickup vehicle overtook his car and braked in front of him. Two people embarked from the vehicle and forcibly dragged the 45-year-old out of his car even as he couldn’t comprehend the goings on.

Here is an excerpt from his account

“Barely had I uttered “Haan bhai sahib,” they forced the door open, dragging me out and on to the ground. Unable to react, my initial horrified reaction, “Kya ho gaya bhai saab?” was lost in the din of Punjabi expletives, slaps and punches. I resisted first, before it dawned on me that they could be armed. Surrendering quietly I just stood there, my mind numb,” Prince Dhanta narrated his ordeal.

The culprits roughed him up again as he tried to call the police. The three then fled the crime scene. “I could only stand there watching my car being escorted by their vehicle and it felt like bidding a final goodbye to the beloved,” said Prince.


Dhanta somehow managed to reach his home and called the police using his wife’s phone. He said, “Soon, the police swung into action. Dozens of vehicles reached the crime spot by 2.15am with a deputy superintendent of police overseeing investigations. Some colleagues turned up and we went to Kharar Sadar police station to lodge an FIR”.

The Kharar police have registered a case under Sections 382 (theft after preparation made for causing death), 341 (wrongful restraint) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code.

Police get a tip-off

Police found Dhanta’s identity from Amritsar road in Kurali indicating that the culprits used the route to escape. The SAS Nagar district administration has put a ban on vehicular movement on Kharar road to facilitate the highway project.

Kharar deputy superintendent of police (DSP) Deepkamal Singh told HT, “We have got some clues after scanning CCTV footage. We will nab the culprits soon.”

“It was a hell of an experience in the literal sense. Grappling with news stories pouring in a more-than-busy day and while putting the newspaper to bed at 1.15 am, I had no inkling of the bigger battle that lay ahead of me on my way back home that night,” added Prince.


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