72-feet wide tunnel found in Chandigarh beneath park in Sector 36 near CFSL lab

Tunnel under CFSL

The Hush Post| 12:32 pm|one-minute-read|

In a  shocking case, a bunker was found near the CFSL laboratory in Sector 36, Chandigarh today morning. The incident came to light when during the digging of a portion of a park, a tunnel was found. This tunnel was 72-feet wide and 32 feet beneath the ground.

Hell broke loose when as the park was being dug, workers who were digging heard some noise beneath the ground.

According to a news report in News18, there were eatables in the tunnel, like cooking oil, rice, flour, sugar, utensils, air gun among other things. The report also clarifies that there was no oxygen inside the tunnel and living there was impossible. However, the tunnel, it seems, was being used for some nefarious activity.

It has though not been established as to what was the reason for digging up such a tunnel nor have the culprits been apprehended.

Also, it has not been established whether the tunnel had anything to do with the CFSL, though investigations are on.

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