CM’s security asks Jakhar to deposit mobile phone before entering office, he walks out in protest

Sunil Jakhar had taken a delegation of legislators from Malwa region to take up the issue of recent transfers of senior cops

The Hush Post: Punjab Congress Committee (PPCC) president Sunil Kumar Jakhar left in a huff when he was denied to carry his mobile phone along to meet Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh on Wednesday.

Jakhar had gone to the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) along with a delegation of MLAs from the Malwa region of the state to take up the issue of recent transfers of senior Punjab Police officers, The Indian Express reported on Thursday. But when asked to deposit his mobile phone outside the CMO, a livid Jakhar left in a huff without meeting the CM.

Jakhar had been given an appointment with the Capt Amarinder Singh at the latter’s office after his meeting with the DGPs and other senior police officers of the state.

As Jakhar and other legislators from Malwa reached the CMO, the security personnel asked the PPCC chief to deposit his mobile phone outside. Jakhar reportedly told the security staff about his designation and who he was but the security personnel did not hear his pleas.

At this Jakhar reportedly returned along with the MLAs without meeting the Chief Minister. He then waited inside Chief Principal Secretary Suresh Kumar’s office or some time. After not getting any hearing from the Capt Amarinder Singh, he left the secretariat building that houses the CMO, the report said.

The daily reported attributing it to the sources that the CM, then asked his Cabinet colleague Tripat Rajinder Singh Bajwa to pacify Jakhar. Later Bajwa met the PPCC chief at MLA Gurpreet Kangar’s house near the MLAs’ hostel, but the meeting failed to cut any ice with Jakhar. Bajwa reportedly suggested Jakhar to meet the Chief Minister and not to make it an issue, but PCC president refused to go back to the CMO.

Jakhar was not available for comments. His phone was switched off and his personal secretary, Sanjeev Trikha, said he did not know what transpired during the day as he was not able to get through to Jakhar, the Express report said.

Tripat Rajinder Singh Bajwa’s phone was also switched off and attempts to reach him by the daily did not bear fruit. The legislators from Malwa who had accompanied Jakhar included Kushaldeep Singh Kiki, Gurpreet Kangar, Amrinder Singh Raja Warring, Darshan Brar and a few ex-MLAs.

The Chief Minister’s security personnel have stopped visitors from carrying cell phones to meet the Chief Minister ever since some videos leaked from some parties of Cap Amarinder and caused controversies. A majority of the visitors are also told to deposit their mobile phones with security personnel, the report said.

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