Accused of deserting wife; NRI held at Delhi airport, handed over to Punjab cops

NRI Gurmeet Singh
NRI Gurmeet Singh arrested on the charges of deserting his wife Pritpal Kaur of Samana in Patiala district.

The Hush Post: The authorities have foiled an NRI man’s bid to escape from India deserting his wife here. The authorities suspended his passport and handed over him to the Punjab Police on Monday.

NRI Gurmeet Singh
NRI Gurmeet Singh arrested on the charges of deserting his wife Pritpal Kaur of Samana in Patiala district.

NRI Gurmeet Singh’s wife Pritpal Kaur, a native of Samana in Patiala district, had accused him of deserting her. The police were searching for Gurmeet Singh in connection with his wife’s complaint. As he was about to take a flight to Germany, the authorities nabbed him at Delhi airport. The authorities suspended his passport on Monday itself and foiled his bid to leave the country, a report said.

The airport authorities alerted the police that Gurmeet Singh was trying to leave India even as his passport stood suspended. Later, the authorities handed over him to the Patiala Police.

A report in Hindustan Times said that Pritpal Kaur had married Gurmeet Singh, a chef in Germany, in January 2011.

“After about a month, he left for Germany and then kept on visiting India on and off,” Pritpal said. In 2012, she gave birth to a male child. Later she came to know that he was already married in Germany to a white woman and also have kids from that marriage.

“I was ousted of my in-laws’ house and what followed was physical abuse and emotional torture in the name of compromise. He dodged the police and he left for Germany in 2015 never to call up again,” she said.

The authorities suspended Gurmeet Singh’s passport on Monday and foiled his last-minute bid to escape to Germany

Pritpal recently came to know that Gurmeet has entered India from Nepal and subsequently a look-out circular was issued against him.

It was only on Monday that the passport authorities suspended Gurmeet’s passport. “Since the information regarding suspended passports reflects everywhere, Gurmeet’s attempt to flee was foiled at the Delhi airport,” Deputy passport officer Amit Kumar Rawat said. The officer further said that the Patiala Police arrested Gurmeet since a criminal case is pending against him.

The Regional Passport Office (RPO), Chandigarh has now started writing to the respective embassies of the NRIs who are wanted for deserting their wives. The authorities shall also soon start informing employers of those NRIs about the suspension of their passports.

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