Apna Ghar case: Life imprisonment for Jaswanti, Jai Bhagwan, Satish by CBI court Panchkula

life sentence for jaswanti

The Hush Post: The CBI court of Panchkula has sent convict Jaswanti, Jai Bhagwan and Satish to life imprisonement. Jaswanti’s brother Jaswant and one more has been given seven years of imprisonment.

Earlier the court pronounced nine accused guilty in the Apna Ghar case. One of the 10 accused has been acquitted. Apna Ghar was a shelter home in Rohtak. A couple of years ago, a 20-year-old witness in her court testimony accused Jaswanti Devi’s brother Jaswant and son-in-law Jai Bhagwan of sexual exploitation. She said that they were regular visitors along with driver Satish, who repeatedly raped her.

Situated in Shrinagar colony, a middle class locality in the Jat-dominated Rohtak, Apna Ghar was meant to be a shelter home for mentally challenged, minors and even adults.

As per the accusations then, “Jaswanti and her daughter Simi forced me to have group sex and then they used to watch it,” she added. When she got pregnant, Jaswanti arranged for her abortion.

“Jaswanti used to send me and other girls with men from outside for sexual purpose. I was constantly threatened by all not to raise voice,” the vicitm had then said.

A deaf and mute witness, once produced in the court said through an interpreter, that she was raped time and again by Jai Bhagwan, leading to a pregnancy. After the birth, the baby was sold. Two other mentally challenged victims, One of them, a male, gave testimony in the court and accused the shelter impresario of extreme levels of wrongdoings, mostly related to sex.


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