Bata shoes company shells out Rs. 9000 for charging a customer Rs.3 extra for a paper bag

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It proved costly for famous shoe making company in Chandigarh to charge a customer Rs. 3 for a paper bag.  The Consumer Court has imposed a fine of Rs. 9000 on the company. Besides, the forum also reprimanded the company.

Chandigarh resident Dinesh Prasad Ratudi had bought a pair of shoes from the Bata India store. He paid Rs. 402 to the store and found that the company had charged him Rs. 3 for the paper bag too.

Ratudi moved the Consumer Court and challenged the company’s policy to charge extra for carry bags.

Terming company’s policy ‘unfair trade practice’ the Consumer Court asked Bata to provide customers bags free of cost.

The forum has asked Bata to refund Rs. 3 to Dinesh Prasad Ratudi.The court also ordered the company to pay Rs 3000 fine for mental harassment and an additional Rs. 1000 for the legal charges incurred by the complainant.

Besides, the court has directed the company to deposit Rs. 5000 into the consumer legal aid account as a fine.

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