Bed-bound disabled man writes to PM Modi, do the disabled have any aadhar in this country?

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The Hush Post, Chandigarh: The wheel-chair or bed-bound disabled population has no aadhar (base) in India. Post-March 31, when Aadhar would be mandatory in all bank transactions, such persons will not be able to carry out any transaction through their bank accounts.

Out of a total of 2.7 crore disabled population in India, 54 lakh are wheelchair bound or even worse. According to the UIDAI guidelines, the agency employed by the UIDIA, Aadhar cards of disabled people are to be made at their residences. However, lakhs of disabled people, especially the ones who are wheelchair bound do not have their Aadhar card. One such person is Sushil Bhimta, who has 90 per cent nerve injury and is bed-bound. His disability is such that he can barely turn sides on his bed. “I have to be carried to the toilet,” he says. Yet, going by the attitude of the Aadhar registration agencies, I should walk or drive to the Aadhar registration centre for my biometric. Bhimta says, “The government does not have a policy in place regarding us. I am 90 per cent crippled, how does one expect me to walk all the way to an Aadhar registration agency.”

Bhimta has written to the PM to exempt the disabled from Aadhar registration.
Shimla’s Sushil Bhimta, is 90 per cent disabled, bed-bound and currently lives in Zirakpur.

Bhimta has now despatched a letter to the Prime Minister seeking relief from Aadhar registration. Through the letter, he says that disabled people should be exempted from linking Aadhar with banks.

Bhimta has, in the last one year, spoken to at least a dozen Aadhar registration agencies about his plight. However, all of them have said in one-voice that there is no provision for biometric registration of disabled people who can’t move. Whatever be the degree of disability one has to come to the Aadhar registration centre.

After coaxing and cajoling them for a full year failed, he has finally written to the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi seeking his intervention.


Bhimta’s letter to PM Modi


Prime Minister of India

PMO Office, 

North Block 

New Dehli


Subject: Issues related to Aadhar registration and Income tax rebates in case of disabled citizens.

Respected Sir


With due respect and humble submission, I, Sushil Bhimta belong to Kotkhai, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh and am currently residing in Zirakpur. I have 90 per cent disability, due to nerve injury which has crippled my spine and I am wheel-chair bound. I want to draw your kind attention towards the problems faced by disabled people like me. As per the direction of the Government of India (GOI) to all the financial institutions, Aadhar has been made mandatory in all bank transactions and other government office related works. But in case of disabled persons, the government has not made a policy about how to make Aadhar cards for those who are immobile. Many like me, have not been able to carry out our Aadhar registration.

It is my humble request to you, to direct all the government offices and banks to exempt the disabled person from linking Aadhar with their banks and any government office related work.

I would like to draw your attention to another problem faced by disabled person, ie, income tax rebates. It is my humble request that if head of the family is bed-ridden with 60-90 per cent disability, as is the case with me, and the whole family depends on him for livelihood or if he belongs to BPL then such a person should be exempted from Aadhar registration. The income from accidental claims or other means should be exempted from Income Tax totally or the taxable income slab should be increased at least up to 6 lakh. This, since all the expenses are so high and giving income tax on claims is not a fair deal.

Sir, please take my views into consideration as people like me and their families are suffering a lot on these two counts. I would be thankful to you for your kind consideration of these two issues and their resolution at the earliest.


Thanking you

Sushil Bhimta, Kotkhai

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh



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