Brigadier, 4 Colonels accused of Rs 56 cr fraud, face disciplinary action

army scam

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Five officers of the Indian Army, including a Brigadier, four Colonels including a Lieutenant Colonel, are facing disciplinary proceedings for financial irregularities according to a news report.

The officers allegedly caused a loss of about Rs 56 crore to the government. They bought items at highly exorbitant rates. Also, they downgraded equipment for disposal without following due process, it is learnt.

The Tribune report says that five charges were levelled against the Brigadier. He was then the Commandant of an Ordnance Depot. He has been charged under various provisions of Section 52 of the Army Act. It deals with intent to defraud and criminal breach of trust in respect of property belonging to the government.

The other officers, who were then posted under the Brigadier in the same depot, are facing different charges.

Following a court of inquiry, they were attached with Headquarters Purva Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh Sub Area for recording of the summary of evidence (SoE). The SoE, a prelude to a possible trial by court martial, ended at Agra on Thursday.

A decision to hold such a trial is taken on the evaluation of the available evidence and advice given by the Judge Advocate General’s branch.

Tentative chargesheet  

According to the tentative chargesheet, the proceedings were approved for procuring various items from a private firm. The officer was in the know that the rates were much higher than the last purchased price rates.

The chargesheet also states that the firm was not registered with the Directorate General of Quality Assurance as was required.

Further, a large quantity of communication and electro-optical equipment and generators was downgraded. The stipulated echelons of repairs were not followed, the news report said.

The court of inquiry into the matter had been ordered after complaints were received by the office of the Chief of Army Staff in 2017.

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