The Hush Post: A court has sentenced two years of jail to a chancellor of a private university. Zora Singh, the chancellor of Desh Bhagat University, Mandi Gobindgarh has been asked to serve two years in jail in a cheque bounce case. He was, though, granted bail immediately. The validity of the bail is 30 days during which Zora Singh is allowed to go for appellate jurisdiction, which means to seek relief he will have to go to the High Court. Zora Singh will have to pay a penalty of Rs 21 lakh. Apart from this amount, he will also have to cough up what he already owed to the complainant – another Rs 21 lakh.

One Sanjay Singla had filed the complaint with the court claiming he had issued Rs 21 lakh to Zora to fund setting up the institution.

Later, when the chancellor in order to return the money funded by the creditors, started issuing cheques to them, one of the creditors Singla alleged that the cheque was dishonoured. He moved court against Zora and filed a complaint in September 2016. Zora filed an appeal in the court saying he had never signed any cheque. He asked the court to verify the signatures on the cheque.

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