Your vehicle is not safe in over 150 parking lots in Chandigarh

parking lots Chandigarh unsafe

The Hush Post: The parking lots in Chandigarh are not safe. About 155 out of 325 CCTV cameras in 25 paid parking lots in Chandigarh are non-functional.

This violates the MC’s agreement with the Mumbai-based Arya Toll Infra Limited. It binds the firm to ensure functional CCTV cameras.

MC Joint Commissioner Tejdeep Singh Saini reportedly said non-functional CCTV cameras mean a compromise with the security at the paid parking lots.

“MC on Tuesday summoned the firm’s local representatives and made it clear to them to make all the cameras functional,” said Saini.

In a separate case, the high court had granted stay to the firm after MC had cancelled the parking contract due to default on payment, which was in contravention to the terms and agreement of the MoU. The firm is not maintaining the facilities at the parking lots, the civic body has argued.

As per a report, the firm has failed to repair defunct CCTV cameras ever since all the paid parking lots became ‘smart’ in December last year.

First the councillors’ panel found a majority of cameras defunct and then the MC’s inspection report found similar defects. Therefore the MC should ensure their functioning round-the-clock.

The firm has also been allowing haphazard parking in the parking lots. As a result, challans were issued to the firm many times. A fine of Rs 12 lakh was issued for these violations to the firm.


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