Good news for cancer patients: PGI has new cancer treatment…Read more


Five tumours in different parts of the body — lungs, kidney, liver & bones — were recently treated by a team of doctors at PGI & that really comes as some ray of hope

The Hush Post: PGI now has a state-of-the-art machine which treats cancer. The department of radio-diagnosis at PGI, Chandigarh has bought a machine which treats tumours in patients. Sometimes, conventional surgical methods can’t treat certain patients with tumour.

Cryoablation is a treatment to kill cancer cells with extreme refrigeration or by injecting cold.

“This machine is the first of its kind installed anywhere in the country,” as per PGI Chandigarh.

Prof Khandelwal, HoD, Radiodiagnosis, PGI, reportedly said: “Now the institution will be part of the elite group of hospitals in the world. It now joins the ranks of MD Anderson Cancer Centre in the United States.”

PGI joins elite group of hospitals where this treatment is available, in India this is the only hospital

Dr Khandelwal said, “This technique is relatively pain-free. It numbs the nerves supplying the organ due to the extremely low temperature (about -150°C).”

A team of Dr Naveen Kalra and a team of interventional radiologists Dr Mandeep Kang, Dr Anupam Lal, Dr Mahesh Prakash, Dr Anindita, Dr Ajay, Dr Ujjwal and Dr Shridhar recently treated five tumours. These treatments were in different parts of the body — lung, kidney, liver and bone.

World over, medical professionals are trying to find ways and means to cure cancer. Many cancer treatments have been successful at the trial level. However, the disease still remains untreated. Deaths in cancer patients do get delayed due to medical intervention. But complete cure is something medical science is elusive about till now.

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