Chandigarh police bans mobile phones inside police stations

The Hush Post | 7:52 pm | One-minute read

The Chandigarh Police have issued a diktat banning mobile phones inside police stations.  The move comes in the wake of recent CBI raids at various police stations. To keep it ‘secure’, the police now have prohibited entry of persons carrying cell phones into police stations. However, the decision is a verbal one, with no written documentation so far.

The new system is in place in Sector-17, Mauli Jagran and various other police stations. According to senior police officials, the step has been taken with a security viewpoint.

Until now, anyone who visited the police station had to pen down his name, phone number, address and other details at the reception. With the new system in place, people are being allowed inside only after depositing their mobile phones at the reception counter.  One who refuses to do so is being denied entry.

There are a total of 17 police stations, including women police stations, in Chandigarh. The East division consists of 6 police stations; the South has 6, while Central division has 4 police stations.

Recently, the CBI had arrested Inspector Bajlit of Muali Jagran police station, Sub-inspector Rajvir Singh of Sector-31 police station and others in a bribery case. The complainant had audio and video recordings of their conversation with the accused police officers.

A section of people believe that the police have taken this decision to avoid such instances in future.  Some are questioning the motive saying if mobile phones are allowed inside courts, then why not police stations?

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