Chandigarh schools to fail non-performing students of class V and VIII from this session

chandigarh school

The Hush Post | 8:04 pm | One-minute read

From the next academic session in Chandigarh, schools will start detaining students in class V and VIII.  The move comes after the Union government amended the Right to Education Act, 2009 last month.

With the amendment in place, the states can now decide whether or not to hold back non-performing students in classes V and VIII.

After the Act was introduced in 2009, more failures had been reported in class IX. The overall results had dropped and learning levels had deteriorated. It was indicated by several surveys at national level.

The Centre had scrapped the policy in 2017 after 24 states raised a demand. The amendment was introduced in August 2017. The Parliament passed the amendment and empowered states to reverse the policy.

Accordingly, the UT department has begun the process to do away with the no-detention policy.  The UT education department will soon seek approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) for the same.

Schools in Chandigarh were reportedly in favour of the Act way back in 2009. But with passage of time they felt the need to improve grades in primary and middle classes. The government schools were the worst effected as students had virtually left studying knowing that the school will pass them to next class. This had resulted in more number of failures in class IX and dropouts after class X.

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