Chandigarh’s Sacred Heart alumna joins #MeToo bandwagon, reveals her ordeal at the hands of dance teacher

The 22-year-old recalls how MC Nair, who she says claimed to be a Padma Shri awardee, assaulted her for days during dance rehearsals.


The Hush Post: Joining the #MeToo movement, Garima Pura, an independent filmmaker and writer has accused her former dance teacher at Chandigarh’s prestigious Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School of sexual molestation.

According to Garima, the incident took place almost 10 years back when she was in Class VII in the school. She has accused her Bharatnatayam teacher MC Nair in a series of photographs posted on her Instagram account.

The 22-year-old recalls how MC Nair, who she says claimed to be a Padma Shri awardee, assaulted her for days during dance rehearsals.

She said, “He started with biting my lip, trying to kiss me until I bled” adding, “After his assault on my lips, he descended to my breasts. Bared them. Bit me there and other details… he kept assuring me this was preparation for my part.”

Garima narrates how she got petrified by the incident but had no idea about right or wrong and. “He asked me to come back next day. I went back, the same shit perspired. His hands were everywhere. I-repeat, his hands have gone to every part of my body. Thankfully didn’t go under my waist because he asked me to open my salwar one day and I just did not”.

Victim shaming held her back 

In her post, Garmia also blames the Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School for their attitude towards sensitive subjects like these. Coincidentally, she was abused around the same time when SPS Rathore, IPS, was sentenced to jail for molesting 14-year-old Ruchika Girhotra.

“Even 20 years down the line, Ruchika was victim shamed. I remember a teacher questioning her character asking, ‘Do you think it’s just the man’s fault? Obviously not. The girl herself would have had a very poor character. Who would stand in the same room if a man touched you inappropriately?’ This discouraged me from opening up,” she narrates.

Girhotra who was subjected to harassment and massive victim shaming had committed suicide. She was also expelled from Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, Chandigarh, where she was a Class X student.

Garima says that is only after revealed he ordeal to her sister, who in turn supported her. “She told me that I had complete freedom to do whatever I wanted to do,”she says.

An independent filmmaker now, Garima had initially put up the post claiming that it was a friend’s anecdote, fearing how her parents would react to it.So,whydid she reveal her identity? “My mother sort of connected the dots seeing the post. She told me that if it was me,theywould support me throughout. This was really reassuring,”she says.Garima has no fear now. She is out with hundreds of other women to shame the abusers and the end the dirty blame game.

#MeToo movement is absolutely brilliant

She is of the view that the #MeToo movement is absolutely brilliant. “It’s only through such initiatives that you get to know that it’s not just you, but others have also gone through something similar. I’m all for naming and shaming. I’ve been taking the ends of everybody to put the story out. Now I have closure,” she says.

Mohanachandran Nair, better known as Kalashree MC Nair, presently runs a dance school named Nrithyashree in New Delhi.  He was later removed from Sacred Hearts, following a complaint by another student.

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