Student cracks JEE (Mains), NDA; in Class 12th gets 0 in Maths, 7 in Physics, 1 in Chemistry, CBSE refuses to inquire

CBSE totalling errors

The Hush Post: It most likely seems a shocker either ways! A Class XII student who has cleared his NDA (written) and JEE (Mains) has been given zero marks in Maths, 7 in Physics and just 1 mark in Chemistry in the CBSE Class XII exams, results for which were announced a few days ago. Overall, after one adds marks of practicals, in Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science he has been given 28 marks each and 46 marks in English. The student P Suzzane is a student of The British School, Sector 44 B, Chandigarh.

To add to his woes, the CBSE’s regional office in Sector-5, Panchkula, is refusing to co-operate and to take the matter to the higher authorities where a genuine case of maybe mishandling of mark sheets or goof-up or mischievous act is being brought to their notice. The father of the student P Pandi told a Hindi national daily that he has met many officials at the CBSE regional office but nobody is coming to the rescue of the student, even though his career is at stake.

The excuse that the CBSE is offering is that revaluation cannot be done since it has been stopped last year on. Pandi is not the only parent who is fighting this battle for his ward, couple of other parents too came to the CBSE office in Panchkula on Monday to get their grievances redressed by the CBSE, raised slogans and returned empty-handed after the CBSE declined any help.

The only way out is to knock the court’s door, say the parents fuming with anger. But by the time, the court takes cognisance of the issue, the concerned students might lose their seats in reputed colleges or might not be even considered for the seat or even apply in prestigious colleges.

Over twenty parents along with their wards from the reputed and academically acclaimed Bhavan Vidyalaya School, Sector 27 Chandigarh too protested against CBSE’s unsatisfactory marking of the English Core subject. Over 140 students from the school have complained of extremely low percentage. According to a news report, out of 120 seats of Commerce in Bhawan Vidyalaya in the tricity, 30-35 students have got marks above eighty in the English core examination while the rest 75 students and above have scored an average 70-75 in their English examination. Across all the four streams, only 40 students have scored marks above 90 in English. The dip in English, has severely affected the overall aggregate of the students. All the prestigious colleges of Delhi University where English Core is a mandatory subject, collective aggregate is considered to give admissions.

While talking to the parents, the CBSE Regional Officer, RJ Khanderao had this to say, “Whatever will happen, will happen from Delhi. The children are angry and disappointed today, but they will cool down in a few days.”

After receiving an unsatisfactory response from the Regional Officer R J  Khanderao, the parents as well as students are a worried lot.

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