Chandigarh man gets 10 days jail for drinking in public

public drinking

The Hush Post: A 23-year-old man will spend 10 days in jail for drinking in public.

The court has also fined him Rs 1,010 apart from the jail. Normally, in such cases the culprit is penalised with a fine. Or is made to stand in the court till it’s rising. The Punjab and Haryana High Court had recently ordered that those who indulge in drinking in the open should be death with strictly.public drinking

Recently, there was a meeting between judicial officers and the police officers. The latter had sought stricter punishment for such violations.

It was alleged that the accused was drinking in the open in the parking lot of Chandigarh Club in the evening hours on September 8.

After the investigations, the challan was presented against him in the court.

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