Dilpreet threatens to strike again at Punjab and Haryana High Court! Investigations traced call to mobile phone of an auto driver

Dilpreet Dhahan

The Hush Post: Gangster Dilpreet Dhahan has ‘threatened’ to kill again. He has said this time it could be at the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

Meanwhile, Punjab and Haryana High Court is on high alert as Dhahan threatened to strike again.

As per a report on TV 18, the police received threatening calls on Sunday night that said, 4 to 5 people working in the High Court could be targeted on Monday. But this is all based on that one telephone call, in which the threat was made. After investigations, it was found that the call was made from a mobile phone of an auto driver. However, the autho driver said that someone requested him if he could use his phone for an urgency. He had absolutely no idea further than that. The person, who used the auto driver’s phone also deleted the call log.

The police is, however, still on high alert and keeping a check of the premises at the High Court.

Photos of Dilpreet Dhahan have been posted on Gate Number 1 and 4 after the threatening calls were received.

Earlier, Dilpreet had claimed responsibility for firing at Punjabi singer Parmish Verma, who was later admitted to Fortis Hospital.

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