Shocking: 40 men gangrape a 22-year-old in Morni near Chandigarh

gangrape chandigarh
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The Hush Post: In a latest twist to the information regarding the gang-rape of a 22-year-old woman in Morni near Chandigarh, it has not emerged that about 40 men gang-raped the victim. She was reportedly gang-raped for four days. Every day, about 10 men would brutalise her and this continued for four days.

The 22-year-old victim who is a Manimajra resident said she was lured on the pretext of a job and taken to a guest house. According to the police, the victim alleged that Sunny, the owner of Lovely Guest House situated on Ramgarh Road, Panchkula, took her to another guest house near Morni where several men gang-raped her for four days. The victim has said that she was drugged for four days and was threatened that she and her husband would be killed if she revealed the matter to anybody.

Two persons, including Sunny who is the owner of Lovely Guest House and his accomplice, have been arrested.  SHO of Manimajra Police Station told the media that the medical of the accused and the victim had been conducted.

According to the victim, there were other people also who were part of the crime, who said that they were from the police department, which may be false and that it may have been said only to threaten the victim. The victim had sought a job as a domestic help in Sunny’s guest house and he had agreed to employ her at Rs 11,000-12,000 per month for cleaning the guest house. The victim has said she did not know anybody, except Sunny. The exact number of persons who raped her is not known yet, the police said. It is a matter of investigation.

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