Dushyant Chautala sends legal notice to Anil Vij over defamatory remarks

The Hush Post: When Dushyant Chautala said there was a scam of Rs 100 crore in the health department, Anil Vij got back at him saying that Dushyant is addicted to drugs. Dushyant wouldn’t stay quiet. He has now sent a legal notice to Vij. Or else, Dushyant says he should take back his words and not without apologising.

Vij had said that that the area from where Dushyant comes, is known for drug addicts, possibly Dushyant too may have been an addict, he had said.

Earlier, Chautala had alleged that there was a scam of Rs 100 crore in the procurement of medicines and medical equipment. He also said, if a scrutiny was carried out in all the 22 districts of Haryana, this scam could well be over Rs 300 crore.

According to Chautala, the procurements have been found to have been made from firms where if one physically inspects, one would find a barber’s shop or a provision store.

Vij, meanwhile, has appealed to RTI activists that if a case of wrongdoing has come to light it should be brought to his notice. Chautala on the other hand said that Vij instead of acting on the wrongdoing instead started defaming him.

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