The Hush Post: Evidence continues to elude Panchkula police in the case pertaining to the disappearance of an advocate’s wife. The woman in question, Rajni, had gone missing under mysterious circumstances on January 16. Rajni’s mother in her statement to the police has said that she frequently used to have fights with her husband. Also, police is looking into the role of another woman who had called her up prior to her disappearance.

The case took a sensational turn when the police was informed that Rajni’s body has been buried in Sector-25-A. Police dug up the area and found a dead body wrapped in clothes, around 4 feet under. But it turned out be carcass of a dog. The dead dog was wrapped up in clothes like a human dead body. A ladies’ shoe was also found near the carcass. Advocate Manmohan Singh, identified it that of his wife Rajni. All this information was provided to the police by a ragman. The police also deployed sniffer dogs around the area, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, police is also investigating into the role of a lady whom Rajni had talked to the day she had gone missing.  After this call, Rajni’s mobile was switched off near Sector-21. She is missing since then.  Sources say that police has got some fresh inputs and is working on them. Also call details of Manmohan Singh and some other people are being examined.

Rajni’s family visited Sector-19 police post on Monday and got their statements recorded. Her mother and brother have stated that she used to have frequent fights with her husband. Once, Rajni had even reached her parents’ home after a fight with Manmohan, they revealed.

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