The Hush Post, Chandigarh: In a major faux pas, inexperienced computer operators employed at the Panchkula General Hospital changed the gender of a dead body and even the IPC sections filed by the police. The medico-legal report which was prepared by a newly-appointed computer operator described the female suicide victim as a male, while changing the section from CrPC 174 to IPC 374. In November 2017, 25-year-old Renu was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her residence falling under Sector-20 police station. The police had initiated the proceedings under section 174 of the Criminal Procedure Code. However, when the dead body was brought to Panchkula General Hospital for postmortem, the staff changed her gender as well as the section filed. The police, however, saved themselves from a major embarrassment and got the report rectified before filing it in the court.

Ever since the new staff has been recruited, such goof-ups are being constantly reported. Male patients are often sent to gynae OPD while patients find their gender changed in their test reports. Admitting that such blunders had been brought to his notice earlier too, senior medical officer, Dr. Sanjeev Trehan has said the contractor had hired new computer operators recently. We had said earlier informed that such mistakes are being reported frequently and the staff needs to be trained first. This time around, we are also looking into the matter.

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