Good news for drink lovers in Chandigarh: Know if liquor you are buying is pure or adulterated

The UT administration will be using the latest QR Code technology to tackle the menace of adulteration

The Hush Post: Here is some good news for those who constantly complain of liquor adulteration. Booze lovers in Chandigarh would soon be able to find out if the drink they are having is pure or adulterated. The UT Finance Secretary has issued orders to the UT Excise and Taxation department in this regard.

According to news reports, the administration will be using the latest QR Code technology to tackle the menace of adulteration. Every liquor bottle will now carry a unique QR Code which will help identify its authenticity. The liquor bottle will be sold only after the QR Code is scanned. At the same time the customer would be able to get details ranging from manufacturing to the retail price after scanning the code.

Media reports suggest that the administration will launch an App for the purpose. The App, once downloaded, will reveal when and at which distillery the liquor has been distilled. Most importantly, it would be impossible to remove the QR code and unduly paste it on another bottle.

Hologram failed

It is to be noted that the Hologram failed since it was easy for it to be removed and pasted on another bottle. Besides, procuring Holograms has proved to be costly affair.

States like UP and Haryana are currently pursuing the QR and Bar Code for sale of liquor. This has helped in checking liquor smuggling and also maintaining accurate data with the excise departments.

Chandigarh has over 90 liquor vends where the administration has allowed 90 lakh proof litres of IMFL to be sold this year. Similarly, 10 lakh proof litres of country liquor has been allowed to be sold.


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