If your NRI husband’s duped you, contact these 14 gutsy women at RPO Chandigarh

duped women

The suspension of passport results in revoking visa of these NRIs. It leads to withdrawal of all legal grounds of stay of these men in foreign countries

The Hush Post: If you have been duped by your NRI husbands get in touch with these 14 gritty women. One might ask how will it help? Soon, the passport of you cheat husbands will be suspended which means that subsequently, their stay in the country where they are living will become illegal.

These 14 women too were abandoned by their NRI husbands. They came together. Last week, they got their husband’s passports suspended after the intervention of Regional Passport Office (RPO), Chandigarh.

Notably, these women are now spearheading the task force group at the RPO Chandigarh. Their room is stacked with files which tell tales of shattered hopes and dreams. But working from their one-room office, these women are a hope to others who are like them.

It was Rupali, a computer engineer from Bathinda, who first tweeted a message to external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and Union minister for women and child development Maneka Gandhi last December. Rupali married Trilochan Goel of Surrey on September 28, 2017, after her parents saw a matrimonial advertisement. Three months later, a pregnant Rupali found that he was already married. Goel went missing with their wedding gifts. Last week, his passport was impounded.

“The suspension of passport will result in revoking the visa of these NRI men. It leads to the withdrawal of all legal grounds of the stay of these men in foreign countries and the facilities and rights they enjoy thereof. With the intervention of Indian embassies, they will get a one-time chance to reach back India”, says regional passport officer Sibash Kabiraj.

After Rupali’s case, other women started tweeting their troubles to the two ministers and the National Commission for Women. Ever since, Ritu Sharma from Palampur in Himachal Pradesh, Sumera Parkar from Pune met at the NCW, while Yasmeen Kaur, a dentist from Kharar, Amrit Pal Kaur from Budhlada, and Reena Chauhan from Mundri in Kaithal met at the State Commission for NRIs, Punjab, here.

The commission in Chandigarh became their rallying point. “Though the tweets did not result in any action and only had people rebuking us for marrying NRIs, it brought us together,” says Ritu Sharma speaking to a national daily. They named their 60-member group with women from all over the country as Together We Can.


  1. What about fraud committed by Wives against Husbands, in foreign land or in India? Laws are not gender neutral and are biased! Please make laws Gender neutral and provide protection for both genders. Male is a forgotten gender!!! As always, men are being discriminated.

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