The Hush Post: Planning to apply for a passport? Keep the following three changes in mind before doing so. Though, one of these changes may actually surprise you. The , Chandigarh, will conduct an online verification from now on. The passport service was linked with the Criminal Tracking Network and System Project in August last year. Providing more information, Regional Passport Officer, Shibash Kabiraj said that this will put an end to physical police verification. As soon as this system is in place, the verification would be conducted online thereby saving time in the process.

Kabiraj said that the passport office is going to launch an M-passport police app for online police verification in Haryana and Chandigarh by March this year. The M-passport police app is already in place in Patiala, though on a pilot basis.

He said that the applicant will be able to apply for online police verification with the help of this app. The concerned police officials will visit the house of applicants within a fixed time frame and feed the fingerprints and photographs online. Via this app, the report will then be sent for approval to the concerned official. With this facility the police verification will be completed within 12 hours.

Kabiraj further said that an orange colour passport will now be issued to people falling in the Emigration Check Required (ECR) category. As of now, passports of three different colours are issed- white for officials/ diplomats/ bureaucrats; red for politicians; and, blue for the common masses.

Now, the passport will also cease to be a proof of address. The last page of the passport, which carries the address, names of mother, wife, husband, legal guardian etc. and the old passport number will now be left blank.  Hence, it cannot be used as an address proof.

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