Engine fails mid air of Delhi-Dehradun flight with 163 passengers, emergency landing at Chandigarh airport

The Hush Post | 15:00 | One-minute read

As many as 163 passengers of a Delhi-Dehradoon flight had a narrow escape when one of the two engines of the aircraft failed mid air. The aircraft was forced to land at the Chandigarh airport in emergency conditions.

On Saturday morning all the passengers had boarded from Delhi and scheduled to land at the Dehradun airport at 8:45 am. But the Jet Airways 9W703 Boeing737 aircraft faced technical problem in one of the engines and it had to land at Chandigarh airport at 8:30 am in emergency conditions.

All the emergency services like ambulances and fire tenders were placed immediately on the runway to meet any eventuality. Afterwards within 10 minutes, all the passengers landed safely and departed to Dehradun by another aircraft.

The ATC Chandigarh officials said that the emergency landing of the aircraft on Saturday morning was tricky as hundreds of workers and 80-90 vehicles were there on the runway for the ongoing resurfacing work of the runway.

The officials immediately removed all the workers, vehicles, materials and equipments to ensure the safe landing of the plane.

The resurfacing work at the Chandigarh airport runway is going on round-the-clock to make the airport operational 24 hours by April 1, 2019.

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