To protect CM’s farmhouse from flooding, Punjab dept building check dams; say, nearby villagers requested for it

Capt Amarinder Singh

The Hush Post| 8:11 am |two-minute-read

The Department of Soil and Water Conservation of the Agriculture Ministry in Punjab is reportedly building a dam at Siswan village in SAS Nagar district to divert the flood water. This flood water would have flown into the property recently bought by the Punjab Chief Minister. And that seems to be the apparent reason why the department has initiated such a work.

A farmhouse is being built on land owned by Amarinder Singh at the foothills of Shivalik Hills outside Chandigarh. He purchased the property measuring about seven acres in January this year. The check dam is allegedly being built to prevent the flow of a seasonal rivulet into the property of the Chief Minister.

During Monsoon rainwater from nearby rivulets reportedly floods the area where the farmhouse is built. The construction of the dam reportedly began this year alongside the construction of the farmhouse. The construction began after a resolution was passed by the village panchayat asking the government for a dam claiming that the water flowing downhill was flooding their fields.

As per the Indian Express report, the village panchayat never felt the requirement of the dam earlier. The CM’s media adviser has meanwhile dismissed any conflict of interest. He said that the dam was being built on a resolution passed by the sarpanch of the village. The report says that the records show that the project was given a go ahead in July this year. However, work began in this regard almost at the beginning of 2018.

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