Dilpreet fired at girlfriend Harpreet a month ago, the bullet hit dressing table

Dilpreet Dhahan

The Hush Post: Harpreet, a co-accomplice of Dilpreet Dhahan has made fresh revelations regarding her relationship with the gangster.

As part of the police interrogation, she said that about one month ago, Dilpreet fired at Harpreet, thankfully the bullet hit a dressing table and she escaped a sure death.

Dilpreet used to get heavily drugged particularly after gangster Vicky Gounder’s encounter by the police. He would often take to drugs due to the anxiety he suffered. He would often tell Harpreet that after Vicky Gounder, he would be the next one on the radar of Punjab Police.

How these gangsters survived a costly lifestyle:

Living clandestinely, involved spending a lot of money on always on-the-move vehicle, stay in hotels, etc. After the interrogation, it has also come to light that most of these gangsters would make a list of top builders in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh (mostly in Baddi) and then call them up for extortion. This was the standard practice they followed to ensure that money kept flowing in to maintain a costly lifestyle which arose as a result of living underground.

Also one more important aspect which has come to the fore is that Baddi was used as a place of refuge since it was out of the jurisdiction of Punjab, and Himachal Police had little idea about the flourish of these gangsters in Baddi. Border areas, like Bilaspur, Baddi, Una were places these gangsters would often flea to in order to ensure that Punjab Police is not able to chase them.

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