Soon Chandigarh schools may make `car pool’ mandatory

The Hush Post: In a move to ease traffic congestion outside schools during the morning and afternoon, the Chandigarh schools may be asked to make car pools mandatory for all students.

Chandigarh might start carpool for children.

The decision was taken at a meeting traffic management standing committee, under the Administrator’s Advisory Council. The meeting was attended by the SSP (Traffic), Shashank Anand, DSPs (Traffic), Yashpal Vinayak and Rajiv Ambasta, Inspector Dilsher Chandel, Federation of Sectors Welfare Association of Chandigarh Chairman Baljinder Singh Bittu and others.

As per a report in the Indian Express, the city BJP chief Sanjay Tandon, who chairs the committee, said that since every student is dropped by parents, it leads to heavy volume of traffic. “Parents can pool in and drop four-five students. Car pool stickers should be provided to those vehicles which can then drop the kids. It is utter chaos outside schools during morning and evening hours,” said Tandon, adding that the system was prevalent at St John’s High School, Sector 26.

Indian Express quoting Anuja Sharma, Principal of DAV Model School, Sector 15, said: “There are many practical hitches here. First, it would depend on how many students stay in that particular area who can car pool and if they are of the same age group. I know some parents who do not like their daughter, who is in seventh standard, to sit with a boy of the same age or parents don’t want their child to sit in someone else’s car and go. So, reliability would be an issue. Then, not every parent may have a car. There are those students also whose parents drop them on two-wheeler. This kind of decision caters only to 5 to 6 per cent of the parents.”

Further, the paper quotes Director of Strawberry Fields High School, Atul Khanna, who said they can encourage parents but not make it compulsory. “The car pool system is definitely a good move and I am totally for it. Sometimes, genuine issues like coordination problem occur with parents. We, too, encourage this practice and some of our parents are doing it as well. But I don’t think we can make it mandatory because what if somebody challenges it.”



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