The Hush Post: The maker of Old Monk, the number one non-advertised brand of India to the world is no more. Brigadier (retd) Kapil Mohan, the former Chairman and MD of Mohan Meakin Ltd which makes and bottles Old Monk suffered a heart attack at his residence in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Kapil Mohan was 88 years old. The octogenarian soldier-cum-brewer is also a recipient of Vashista Seva medal.

Old Monk is probably the best brand of Himachal Pradesh. After the British left their profligacy of various kinds, the best thing which happened in terms of manufacturing in this hill state is the making of Old Monk, a drink which is slurped, lolled and drunk by army generals, newspaper editors, politicians, actors, superstars and connoisseurs. Interestingly, Brig Mohan was a teetotaller.

Courtesy: ScoopWhoop

Also the recipient of the fourth highest Indian civilian award — Padma Shri — Mohan reportedly kept unwell in his last years. The dark rum with its distinct vanilla flavour was launched back in 1954 and became the largest selling dark rum in the world for many years. Why Old Monk is the best brand is because it was never ever advertised and it only sold on word-of-mouth and subsequent popularity. In 2013 though, it lost its number one ranking to Mc Dowell’s but the latter is an advertised brand.

The brand is sold by retailers in countries like Russia, United States, UK, Germany, Japan, UAE, Estonia, Finland, New Zealand, Australia, Nepal, Canada, Kenya, Zambia, Cameroon, Singapore and Malaysia. Paying tributes to Mohan, connoisseurs of liquor and food said on the social media that what KFC is to America, Old Monk is to India.

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