Changes that might affect your life from June 1 onwards …

The Hush Post| 1-min-read| 08:40pm 

Come June 1, along with the heat, there could be some other changes that could affect you. The cost of LPG gas cylinders could get costlier or may be cheaper.

An alarm system in public transport buses for women safety will be another added feature. New such buses would be rolled out on Delhi NCR roads from today onwards. Such more buses would be added in other places.

‘No helmet, no petrol’ rule will be followed  in Delhi petrol stations from June 1 onwards.

The announcement on no rebate on SUVs over Rs 12 lakh through army canteens will be implemented from today onwards.

The time period for financial transactions through RTGS (Real time gross settlement) has been increased from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm from June 1. RTGS is used for money transfer of bigger amounts starting from Rs 2 lakh.


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