Chhattisgarh villagers build temple in memory of a human-friendly crocodile

The Hush Post | 6:00 pm | One-minute read

The residents of Bawamohatra village in Bemetra town of Chhattisgarh have reportedly collected money to build a temple in the memory of Gangaram, a 130-year-old crocodile who lived in the village.

The “human-friendly” crocodile died on January 8 and the villagers buried near the pond in the temple, says Vijay Kumar Goswami, the conservator of Radha Krishna temple in the village.

According to the reports, “Gangaram Magarmachh Ka Mandir” is being built at the same place where the crocodile was buried. The villagers loved the crocodile so much that they protested for more than four hours when the forest department officials went to collect its body. The villagers said that they would bury the reptile with all the local rituals and the forest department had no other option but to oblige.

Goswami reportedly said, “Now, after the death of the crocodile, everyone in the village believes that he was a divine soul and hence a temple is planned. The temple will have a statue of the crocodile with that of Goddess Narmada. We will organise a congregation and a feast, where all will be invited, once the statues are installed.”

The village Bawamohatra is famous as ‘magarmachh vala gaon’ (crocodile village) in the town of Bemetra.

Goswami further said that his forefathers brought the crocodile from somewhere in Uttar Pradesh. Since then, it was living there near the village pond.

Shiv Kumar Sahu, a resident of the village comes daily to the temple site to offer prayers. He said, “For us, Gangaram, will always remain God. I come here, sit near the temple and pray. When Gangaram was alive, he used to listen to our prayers and after his death, we believe that Gangaram is still listening. Many villagers come to this place and share a similar belief.”


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